The Belle of Nigerian Creative Industry- Fashion

Defining Fashion
When the word fashion is spoken some of the things that comes to mind are; vogue, trend, craze, rage, mania, mode, fad, fancy, style etc. I asked a friend what fashion meant to her and she simply said “Fashion is way deeper than trend; Fashion for me is therapy; It is the sum total of my appearance and personality; It is me in a summary”. People considered fashion a very personal matter until the conversation. 

The Fashion Industry
Fashion communicates in different languages to people differently. It cannot be divulged from everyday life. It is doubtlessly a big industry all over the globe. A report by the Telegraph on the 14th of Feb. 2014, reads that “the new figures published by the British Fashion Council on the first day of London Fashion Week value the fashion industry's contribution to the UK economy at £26 billion”.  It is no surprise then why these brands are worth a fortune; Zara $20.2 billion, Nike $15.8 billion, H&M $12.7 billion, Ralph Lauren $5.6 billion, Adidas $4.88 billion, Uniqlo $4.63 billion, Next $4.12 billion, Lululemon $3.76 billion, Hugo Boss $3.52 billion, Calvin Klein $1.8 billion. I will not fail to mention Louis vuitton, Versace, Moschino, Mark and Spencer, Gucci on the list. These and many more fashion brands are major catalysts that make developed economies like America, UK tick.

The Nigerian Fashion Industry
The Nigerian fashion industry is at its teething phase. It is a budding sector that is beginning to attract the foreign scene. The just concluded African Fashion Week which Nigeria hosted between 17th and 18th May 2014 at the Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos recorded a great success. The platform gave budding designers opportunity to flaunt their designs. It is imperative to note at this point that there are certain structures and sectors that make-up a fashion industry, and there are designers other than those involved in high fashion that cater to consumers. The fashion industry is divided into the creative and the sales function, that is, design and production on one side and sales and distribution on the other.  

Inside the Nigerian Fashion Industry
Nigerian Fashion industry is a fast growing sector. As the wave of cultural innovation swept through the nation, the need to consume and promote local content increased. This sensitization gave the creative industry the wing to soar. Ankara made shoes, clothes, bags, bracelets etc became the norm. Nigerians now promote made in Nigerian products. This factor was led to the rise of designers in Nigeria. It is now one of Nigeria’s fastest growing industries.

What makes the Nigeria Fashion scene tick!
Aside from the fact that most Nigerians are trendy and love fashion, the population is a major plus to the growth of the industry. The population which is approximated to be about 170,000,000 people leans heavily towards youths between the ages on 18 and 45. Nigerian population of predominated by youths. These youths consumes fashion immensely as a way of expressing their identity. The Nigerian fashion industry is a big deal that should be watched out for

Ryta Moemeke