Tourism Investment in Nigeria- Ado-Awaye Suspended Lake: A gold mine yet to be tapped Investments in Global Lakes

If I ask you to mention ten most amazing lakes in the world that you know of and desires to visit, lakes like Plitvice lake in crotia, Lake Hillier (pink lake) in Western Australia, Spotted lake in British Columbia, Canada, Five Flower lake, China, Taal lake, Batangas, Philippines, Abraham lake, Alberta, Canada, Lake Baikal, Siberia, Crater lake, Oregon, Lake Berryessa Glory hole, California, Dead sea may top your list because of its glory and beauty.
Investors have found natural resource such as lakes as a hub to pitch investment on. Most of these resources are not owned by man, but a few men have learnt how to personalize these resources by investing on them.

Nigeria is not only a hubbing spot for natural minerals, it is blessed with one of the wonders of the world which many has not yet discovered; the suspended lakes of Ado-Awaye.

Ado-Awaye Suspended Lake

Have you ever heard of the suspended lake of Ado-Awaye , Oyo State, Nigeria? One of the hidden wonders seated at a mountain top in Ado-Awaye, Iseyin Local Government Area of Oyo State is a suspended lake which lies about 20 kilometers west of Iseyin,Oyo state in Nigeria.
The climbing of the hill where the suspended lake lies is about forty five minutes to an hour depending on the pace of the climber.
The suspended lake is housed on one of the crests of the rock.  Geographers say the lake is about 12 feet in diameter. Sources reveal that the lake is never dry and retains same volume of water even during rainy season. At visit to the hills, evidence of past civilization is many in this nature’s gift. There are the broken crucibles of earthen pots and other archeological remains. People that has visited says that the geographical axiom of the “higher you go, the cooler it becomes” is manifested on the hill.

What awe!

Olumo rock today is a source of revenue to Ogun State government, although it can be put in better shape to generate more revenue. Tinapa is celebrated in Nigeria today because an investor spotted gold amidst forest. The aforementioned lakes celebrated all over the world is made visible because someone aside the government gave the Midas touch that today attracts tourist from far and near to drink into the fill of nature’s gift.
There are very few, non that I know of, suspended lakes in the world. Imagine this lake were in Dubai? Dubai is a destination for tourist all over the world. The artifacts celebrated today man-made.  The image of Paris and even Malaysia are laundered everyday by the media, people go to these places for vacation to drink into nature’s solitude and some persons are making trillions of dollars off them because tourism business is a big business.

Ado-Awaye suspended lake may become Nigerians Plitvice lake in Crotia, or the celebrated Lake Hillier of Western Australia, or the awe inspiring spotted lake in British Columbia, or the money spitting Five Flower lake in China, or tourist base Taal Lake, Batangas of Phillipines, or the Crater lake of Oregon, just to mention a few.

The suspended lake on the hill at Ado-Awaye is a gold mine yet to be tapped. It has a potential of carting gold, huge return on investment when properly developed and managed.

Ryta Moemeke